Beep Test Rules

The Beep Test (or Bleep Test) involves running between two points that are either 20m or 15m apart. These shuttles synchronised with audio which plays ‘beeps’ at set intervals. As the test progresses the interval between each beep reduces, pushing the candidate to increase their speed over the course of the test. The level attained by the candidate determines how long he/she can continue without missing 3 successive beeps.

The beep test is taken in 2 main formats, the 15m beep test and 20m beep test. The 15m test comprises of 17 levels and the 20m (considered the harder of the two) has 21 levels. The progression from one level to the next is signalled by a double beep.

How to set-up a Beep Test

Depending on which beep test you are practising must first space 2 cones (or similar) either 15 or 20 metres apart, on a hard level surface. Next you must insure that you have the correct beep test ready to be played. All you now need to do is line up a the first cone and wait for the test to begin.

During the Beep Test

The secret to obtaining the highest possible level on any beep test is ‘pacing yourself’. You need to insure that you are not too early for each beep. If you getting to either end of your test distance before a beep you will be wasting valuable time and energy which can be better used towards the end of the test.

Get a copy of the Beep Test

You can purchase a copy of the official beep test from this website:

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