15m Beep Test

What is the 15m Beep Test?

The Beep Test (aka Bleep Test) comes in two different forms (the 15m beep test and the 20m beep test).

As a general rule the 15 metre beep test is considered easier because the shuttle distance is shorter and the speed progression is smoother.

Who uses the 15m Bleep Test?

Many organisations prefer to use the 15m beep test to test applicants as it is less aggressive than the 20m test. Some organisations that use this test and the levels required can be found below:

How to get a copy of the 15m Bleep Test

If you need to pass the 15m beep test as part of an official application process it is important you train. We supply a full copy of the 15m Bfeep Test through our online shop in both CD and MP3 formats.

Both the CD and MP3 formats include the following beep tests:

  • 15m Beep Test
  • 20m Beep Test
  • Press-up Beep Test
  • Sit-up Bleep Test

If you have any questions about the bleep test please visit the FAQs page or contact us.

Note: Please be wary of downloading other beep tests, as you will find that they are not the official version, poor quality and differ in many ways to actual fitness test you’re trying to pass.

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