Army Beep Test

How to pass the Army Beep Test

If you are seeking a role in the Royal Army you should be aware that during the selection process you will need to pass the Army Fitness Test. One element of this testing process requires you to pass the Army Beep Test. You will need to achieve level 10.2 for males and 8.1 for females, on the 20m Beep Test. This website provides all the tools and know how you need to pass the beep test.

The Army Beep Test

The beep test element of the Army fitness test should not be taken lightly. Reaching level 10.2 or 8.1 isn’t easy without training. Unfortunately, we’ve heard many stories of applicants who have failed because they did not meet the required standard through lack of training.

It’s recommended that all applicants fully prepare for the fitness test and this website is one of the only places where you can get a copy of the 20m beep test.

Get your copy of The Beep Test

We supply a full copy of the 20 metre Beep Test through our online shop in both CD and MP3 formats.

Both the CD and MP3 versions include the following tests (Army applicants only need to practice the 20m test):

  • 15m Beep Test
  • 20m Beep Test
  • Press-up Beep Test
  • Sit-up Beep Test

What is The Beep Test?

The Beep Test (Bleep Test or Multi Stage Fitness Test) involves running back and forth between two set points, 20m apart, in time with the ‘beeps’. The time between beeps then gets shorter for each new level of the test. The level reached by the applicant determines how long they can continue before having to stop. Male applicants need to get to level 10.2 and females level 8.1.

Please be wary of other beep tests available online. These are not the official version, poor quality and differ in many ways to actual fitness test you’re trying to pass. The genuine 2019 beep test is only available on this site.
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